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Summer holidays

Spring awakening and summer holidays in Castelrotto

Spring awakening and summer holidays in Kastelruth

Spring usually takes a bit to arrive in our region, but then it presents itself in all its beauty. At  Sciliar or Platt- and Langkofel the snow fields reach far down the valley, the Alpe di Siusi is then laced with crocuses but yet presents itself from its knaggy side while in Castelrotto daffodils are already blooming and tulips and lilacs exudes its captivating smell.

Then it is time to take a step outside, sit with a delicious Cappuccino and a lovely smelling piece of apple pie on the terrace or in the garden and enjoy letting the intense-getting sun shining on your face. Not long and it is time again for 2 important events coming up in spring: the Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Ride and the open air by the band Kastelruther Spatzen.

The Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Ride

The Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Ride

Every year between May and June the Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Ride takes place in Castelrotto, Seis at the Sciliar and Völs at the Sciliar. More than 20.000 visitors follow the event every year, when riders from all over the region compete against each other at the ring jousting, at the ride through the labyrinth, at the lope at the Völser Lake or the gate-ride on the fields in front of the Castle Prösels.

The ride has been already performed the 28th time and the spectacle, which finds its climax in the reward of the flags (Standarte) to the winner team, enthuses participants and visitors anew who look forward to it excitedly every year.

Open Air with the Kastelruther Spatzen

Open Air with the Kastelruther Spatzen

Every year in June countless fans of the band Kastelruther Spatzen come to the Open Air on the Tirler fields. The setting outdoors is unique and the band Kastelruther Spatzen always succeeds in giving their best to make the concert visit an unforgettable one. In 2010 the Open Air was held for the 14th time and for the many die-hard fans of  Kastelruther Spatzen the concert is a fixed event in their year calendar.

Refreshment in the “laghetto di Fiè”

Refreshment in the Völser Weiher

Summer in the area of the Sciliar offers a perfect place for summer holidays. Even though the sun can get really hot in summer, the temperature is enjoyable at Alpe di Siusi and even to take a hike  in the mountain pastures and through the forests you can have a look at the rural crafts and the agricultural work you’ll pass by.

In case it gets unbearably hot at Castelrotto there is always the outdoor swimming pool in Telfen or the “laghetto di Fiè” that offer a nice opportunity to cool-off. Holidays in Castelrotto always become an unforgettable experience. Try it out yourself!