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South Tyrolean holidaysfeel the magic of variety!

South Tyrolean holidays have many elements and contrasts to offer; from high Alps to Mediterranean landscape features, from German to Ladin, from prehistoric ages until modern times..

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Ötzi-the iceman in the archeological museum

Ötzi, the glacier mummy, has been attracting many people to the museum of archeology in Bozen since its finding. You really should plan on a trip to the capital city of Bozen during your stay. Strolling around under along the old centre with its charming local craft shops and Italian fashion stores. Watching the presence of the cultural mix at the Walther’s plaza, having a look at the Museion, the museum for modern and contemporary art or visit the ice mummy.

The botanic gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff

The gardens of the Castle Trauttmansdorff were declared being part amongst the most beautiful ones in Italy. Get proof of this on your own by taking a look at the generously arranged parks and terraces.  Formerly enjoyed by Queen Sissi, these gardens with its ancient trees, under which one can find shade and rest, as well as the magnificence of the beautiful blossoms during her holidays there, which is why she took walks through the castle Trauttmansdorff quite often.

Wine region lake Kaltern

The South Tyrolean region “Oltradige” presents itself almost Mediterranean-like. In between vineyards, palm trees and almond trees you find people there quite different from the rest of South Tyrol. As known for being very polite and hospitable, people from this area are also perceived as a bit more light-hearted and easy-going. In summer the lake of Kaltern is an inviting place for  bathing or to do windsurfing, but it is a very nice place to go for a walk as well or to enjoy a delicious cup of ice cream on the terrace of one of the hotels there; or you are enchanted by observing the entertainment of the ducks.

High alpine fixed rope routes

In South Tyrol you can go for a chilly walk in the valley, or take an easy family hike in the middle in the low mountain range, as well as give it a try on the high alpine fixed rope routes following Reinhold Messner. You got plenty of trails and routes to choose in the Dolomites, we would be pleased to inform you about them.

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